Beans are delicious, nutritious, good for society + comedy show

Our lives have changed forever... with comedy, being latinx and a comedy show

Proud to be a Beaner

I love to eat beans - all types, but my favorite are Pinto beans.  They are packed with protein, fiber & low carbs - the perfect meal all in one little bean + like many latinx peeps.   It used to hurt my feelings when people would look at me or one of my amigos and say, "you Beaner", like it was bad.  I have to confess that for a long time I did feel ashamed of loving beans but no more!  Me and my amigos have decided that we're proud to eat them and will gladly be called Beaners.  Hey, they're delicious, nutritious and good for everyone.  Sure, I know, the can make you a little gassy sometimes, but no one is perfect...

-Rafael Beanito 

I Love All Beaners Everywhere

Want to know something cool?  We're all Beaners.  My goal with this company is to bring all beaner lovers together and proudly say, "Yeah, I'm a Beaner!"

Beans I Love

I'm a latinx who loves comedy and a good comedy show with a side of white beans, black beans, brown beans, red beans, garbanzo's (it's a bean!), lima beans, navy beans, lentils (yep, they're beans), etc.  

We Beaners come in a rainbow of colors and shapes - it just gets me all chocked up ;-)

Merch link coming soon- at some point...

T's , mugs, dresses, etc.